Epson T0715 multipack inkThe Epson T0715 Multipack  is the ideal solution if you want to print high quality text, photos and images, but still want to save money.

Save money with OEM Ink Cartridges?

That’s not a statement we’re used to hearing as most printer manufacturers sell their printers too cheaply with the plan of recouping their money through the sale of ink and toner cartridges, but in the case of the T0715, buying the multi pack works out cheaper than buying the individual ink cartridges.

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Epson T0715 – What is It?

Also known as “Cheetah” ink cartridges due to the picture on the front of the packaging, the Epson T0715 Multipack  consists of 4 ink cartridges from Epson’s Cheetah Range, the Black T0711, Cyan T0712, Magenta T0713 and Yellow T0714.  Why Cheetah? This is one of Epson’s unique ideas to get us to more easily remember what cartridges our printer uses without having to remember difficult part numbers e.g. the multi pack’s full part code is C13T071540 so you can see why naming them Cheetah Inks would be a lot easier for the majority of us to remember.

So, if your printer uses the Cheetah inks, then the Epson T0715 Ink Multipack is an absolute must the next time you need replacement ink cartridges for a whole host of different reasons…

Epson T0715 Multipack Saves Money

We’re all feeling the pinch nowadays and by creating the T0715 multipack, Epson have created a way for their printer ink users to get original branded genuine ink cartridges at a much better price than they normally would.  This is achievable because the costs to Epson to produce multipacks are slightly less than the cost to produce individual inks, because of the reduction in internal packaging – The T0715 has only one box and wrap instead of four that would be used for individual cartridges.

If you’ve ever owned an inkjet printer you will be aware of how just expensive they can be to run, so being able to get a set of Epson original cartridges at a reduced costs means you’ll have much less of a temptation to waste money on what might be cheaper, but ultimately less reliable compatible cartridges.

Epson T0715 Multipack Gives You Lab Quality Prints

Using the T0715 ink multipack to print your favourite photos or images and you can be sure of getting lab quality prints.  This is because the “Cheetah” range of inks from Epson are made using Durabrite ink.

T0715 Durabrite Ink

Durabrite is Epson’s special ink formulation that has taken years to perfect.  The ink is pigment based and as well as providing you with outstanding quality prints, it is also instant drying so your prints are smudge free.  Using Epson Durabrite inks also means that your prints are water resistant and will last for up to 200 years without fading.

T0715 Multipack For Fade Resistant Photos

When you use Epson’s original T0715 mulitpack to print your photos, you’ll be printing photos that will last for generations.  In a recent test, Wilhelm Research discovered that prints made using Epson T0715 Durabrite inks, would have the light-fastness, depending on the paper used to last for more than 300 years without fading!

That’s me, my son and at the very least his children too that will be able to see the photos I take today before they begin to fade!

Cheap or Compatible Epson T0715

In the same Wilhelm Research test, it’s worth noting that inferior compatible T0715 inks began to fade after less than 1 year, with some showing signs of fading after only 3-4 months!

Don't Buy Cheap T0715 Multipack Ink Don’t Buy Cheap T0715 Multipack Ink, independent tests proof it’s not as good

In fact they said :

…third party, non-genuine (“compatible”) inks supplied by others have extremely poor overall performance and also very poor water resistance on plain paper

Is the Epson T0715 Multipack Ideal For You?

Whether you’re working from home, or using your printer to print you favourite photos, the T0715 multipack is the ideal choice of ink instead of buying your cartridges individually.

  • Saves money – It’s cheaper than buying all of the individual cartridges
  • Water Resistant – The ink won’t run or  dissolve in water should it get wet
  • Smudge Resistant – It dries almost instantly so you don’t need to worry about handling your prints
  • Lab Quality prints – Durabrite inks give you the best quality inks, with the best light-fastness so they won’t fade.

Will the T0715 Multipack fit my Epson Printer?

If your printer uses the Cheetah inks, then its a safe bet that you’ll also be able to use the T0715 multipack.  Below is a list of printers from Epson’s website that they state are compatible, so you’ll be able to save money and still get the great results you expect from Epson original ink cartridges by buying the T0715 Multipack:

  • Stylus D120
  • Stylus D120 Network Edtion
  • Stylus D78
  • Stylus D92 Printer
  • Stylus D92 Refurbished
  • Stylus DX4000 printer
  • Stylus DX4050 printer
  • Stylus DX4400
  • Stylus DX4450
  • Stylus DX5000 Refurbished all in one printer
  • Stylus DX5000 all in one printer
  • Stylus DX5050 All-in-One printer
  • Stylus DX6000 All-in-One printer
  • Stylus DX6050 all one printer
  • Stylus DX7000F all in one printer
  • Stylus DX7400
  • Stylus DX7450
  • Stylus DX8400
  • Stylus DX8450
  • Stylus DX9400 Wi-Fi Edition
  • Stylus Office B40W
  • Stylus Office BX300F
  • Stylus Office BX310FN
  • Stylus Office BX600FW
  • Stylus Office BX610FW
  • Stylus S21
  • Stylus SX115
  • Stylus SX200
  • Stylus SX205
  • Stylus SX215
  • Stylus SX218
  • Stylus SX400
  • Stylus SX405
  • Stylus SX405 Wi-Fi Edition
  • Stylus SX415
  • Stylus SX515W
  • Stylus SX600FW
  • Stylus SX610FW

Do you own a printer that uses the T0715 Multipack?  Tell us how you much you have saved money with the Epson T0715 Multipack.

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